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LAVELY & SINGER recruits its associates from the top ranks of the nation's finest law schools. The firm selects our attorneys on the basis of the ability to write and speak clearly, concisely and persuasively, academic excellence, initiative, good judgment and personal integrity.

We are a boutique firm with cases which range from multi-million-dollar, multi-jurisdictional disputes that end in month-long jury trials, to one-day arbitrations, and everything in between. Consequently, summer and full-time associates can expect a high degree of responsibility.

For example, on behalf of client Brad Pitt, two junior associates participated in preparing the first suit filed under the federal Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, as discussed in "Cyberpirates Now May Have to Walk the Plank" by Ritchenya A. Shepherd, National Law Journal, December 20, 1999. Additionally, members of the summer 2000 class did extensive work on sensitive privacy and safety issues in planning a high-profile celebrity wedding.

The work environment is faster paced than a typical firm. Our clients often call with an immediate need for an injunction, or we will receive a fax from a tabloid planning to go to press with a libelous story in a few hours. Often the facts and law need to be researched, and packaged into effective pleadings and declarations, that same day. In recent years, we have forced the recall of a national publication which contained unauthorized revealing photographs of a client and enjoined the parent of a child actor from moving the minor out of Los Angeles without the minor's consent -- both within days of obtaining the case.

Lavely & Singer is unique. We are Hollywood's top litigators and are recognized as such throughout the industry. We are often called upon to respond immediately to unfolding events. Our associates write cutting-edge motions and follow the progress of their cases in the news. Our compensation system rewards ability and results, not seniority.

We are not the firm for everyone. But we may be exactly the firm for you.


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